Life as a British Expat: FAQs, Views and Reviews

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Here we answer some of your top questions relating to living overseas (or making the move). We look at the practicalities of leaving the UK - things you should do before, while and after you're gone.

We take an in-depth look at careers for Brits abroad, from the traditional path of working for a multinational, or teaching, to some of the more unconventional approaches, such as working online or freelancing. There are plenty of ways to be location independent!

In this section we also review some of our favourite services for expat life. Including everything from ways of watching British TV overseas, to ordering your favourite groceries, to sending money to and from the UK with less hassle.

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The Logistics of Moving Home

It doesn't matter how well you prepare, moving home is stressful. But that doesn't mean there aren't steps you can take to reduce the stress - thankfully there are!

In our Moving Home section, we look at various checklists for managing the 'before and after' of relocation. From the best packing materials, to self storage deals, and step-by-step guides designed to combat moving pains.

Financial Planning for Expats

It always pays to be prepared when it comes to financial planning. But this is particularly the case for UK expats who don't always have access to the same banks and basic infrastructure once they have settled abroad.

In our Financial section, we look at some of your common concerns, from managing a mortgage abroad, to keeping track of student loan repayments. We also look at cost efficient ways of transferring money between countries, using services like TransferWise and WorldRemit, or the emerging tech of cryptocurrency.

uk mortgage moving abroad

What Happens To My Mortgage If I Move Abroad?

One question we hear time and again from would-be UK expats is, ‘what happens to my mortgage if I move abroad?’ It’s a good question. While moving abroad is undoubtedly…

Careers and Job Options for UK Expats

How will you pay the bills when you move overseas?

While many expats head abroad with a job in place, things don't always go to plan. It's good to be aware of the various career paths when moving to a foreign country.

In our Careers section, we look at some of the most popular options for Brits securing jobs overseas. We also profile some of the top location independent career choices, some of which can be fantastic ways of exploring the world and making money at the same time.

How To Find Chef Jobs Abroad

Considering moving abroad to be a chef? Make sure you read this guide first. The world is full of unique and delicious cuisines, so what could be better for a…