17 Reasons To Move To France

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For many Brits, moving to France is a dream come true.

What’s not to love — incredible cities, beautiful countryside, mountains, exquisite food and wine, a plethora of interesting characters and just a short hop over the English channel.

Sure, you might need to learn a little French — but, hey, you still remember your lessons at school, right? — and the economy isn’t the brightest beacon for job seekers, but for those looking to retire or with a self-sustaining income, a move to France is a move to paradise.

Let’s take a look.

1. Paris is one of the world’s most incredible cities

move to france

The gargoyles of Notre Dame are always keeping watch over the city.

Paris’ skyline is remarkable for the lack of skyscrapers crowding out the atmosphere.

2. And home to one of the world’s most iconic buildings

move to france

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 and served as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair.

Design experts have long snobbishly derided the tower’s aesthetic, but there’s no doubt that it’s the most enduring figure of France.

3. It’s a hub for art and culture

moving to france

The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum — so popular because it’s home to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as many other classics.

5. And an exquisite place for romance

move to france

Paris is the city of love.

Visiting lovers should take a trip to the Pont des Arts — the so-called Love Lock Bridge, which is weighed down by hundreds, if not thousands, of padlocks. People typically write their initials on the locks before attaching them to the bridge, throwing the key in the River Seine beneath.

6. The Alps are the perfect setting for some aprèsski

why move to france

France is full of incredible ski resorts and is home to Europe’s largest mountain — Mont Blanc — sharing it with Italy on the border.

7. And the beaches are picture perfect

why move to france

Frances beaches are best in the South of France, particularly in the seaside resort of Nice, around Brittany in the North-West and on the Vendée in the West.

8. It can be a calm and serene place

moving to france

9. Or stormily dramatic

move to france

Mont St Michel in Normandy is a popular tourist attraction in Northern France.

10. The villages are quaint

reasons to move to france

11. And home to some delightfully local shops

why move to france

France is known for its incredible array of cheeses.

Anyone for brie and emmental?

12. The food is exquisite

moving to france

Lunch in France is always a good thing.

13. Whether it’s fresh from the fishmonger

move to france

14. Or bought at the farmer’s market

reasons to move to france

Farmers’ markets power the local village grocery economy in France and are the envy of Brits across the border with their boring supermarkets.

15. And the wine isn’t half bad either

moving to france

Cheap, delicious and plentiful!

16. It’s almost other-worldly in its prettiness

why move to france

17. But it always feels like home in France

move to france


Are you tempted to move to France?



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