How To Move To The USA

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Every year thousands of Brits move to the USA.

This land of golden opportunity really is a place where you can pursue your dreams.

Sadly, entry laws are very strict, so getting into America for any serious stretch of time can be difficult.

how do i move to the usa

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This means that for many Britons, moving to USA from UK remains just that — a dream.

But if you are one of those aspiring to relocate to the land of the free, don’t be disheartened — help is at hand!

Here’s our foolproof guide on the best ways of gaining entry to the United States and making it your home for as long as possible…

How Do I Move to the USA?

Get a Job

In order to work in the USA, a visa is required.

The problem is that it’s impossible to apply for a visa to work in the States until you have an employer willing to offer you a job and act as your sponsor during the application process.

Employers with a history of hiring foreign workers are more likely to give you a job than employers that don’t have much experience with the immigration visa process.

To stand the best chance of finding a sponsor, use any contacts you may already have in the US and get them to try and help you find work, plus keep your eyes open for companies who are already advertising to seek out employees from abroad.

move from uk to usa

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If you find an employer that often takes on employees from overseas but who isn’t currently hiring, send them your CV with covering letter just in case something should come up — be persistent!

You’re more likely to be successful getting a job in the USA if you have a set of rare special skills or experience, or are highly educated.

Be a Tourist

In the event that you can’t find a sponsor before entering the states, you can simply enter America on a tourist visa and try and look for work once you are there (if you do find an employer willing to sponsor you, will have to apply for the necessary adjustments before starting to work).

The B1 professional and B2 tourist visas are typically issued for six-month periods, but they are sometimes extended at the discretion of the government.

If you want to extend your tourist visa you will need to provide good reason, and any extension applications must be received by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) before your original visa expires.

Study in the USA

America has some fantastic universities, so if you’re thinking of moving to USA from UK, why not consider being a student?

It’s essential to ensure you choose an institution and program accredited by the US government’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).

Once accepted into an SEVP university, international students automatically qualify to apply for a visa.

However, the application process is lengthy so it’s best to start your application around three to five months before the start of your course.

In addition to completing your application, there are a couple of different fees to pay which will set you back a minimum of $200, and you’ll also be required to arrange and attend a visa interview at a US embassy or consulate.

Marry a US citizen

It might not sound like the most romantic reason to get married, but marrying a US citizen is an easy way to get a permanent green card.

Even if you enter America as a visitor, there is nothing to say that you can’t get married on a tourist visa.

It’s not all plain sailing however, as applying for an adjustment of status directly after entry could be regarded by the authorities as visa fraud, so it’s best to get married and start your application well after you arrive on US soil (it is risky to apply for change of status or marriage based adjustment of status within 60 days of arriving).

If the powers that be decide that you have married only for the purpose of gaining immigration benefits, they will deny the application and you could very well be deported.

You will have to submit sufficient documentary evidence that the marriage is real.

The processing time to get a visa after marrying is anything up to twelve months, so be prepared to be patient!

how to get usa visa

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Invest in the USA

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re already well moneyed, making an investment in a commercial enterprise in the United States could be your way to grab your green card and set up shop in America.

Up to 10,000 investment visas are authorised each year, but you’ll need to be prepared to invest a minimum of $500,000 in an area chosen by the US government.

These areas nearly always currently have high levels of unemployment, and are often tucked out of the way in rural locations.

In addition to the seriously hefty cash injection, your business must include plans to create ten permanent full time jobs for qualified United States workers.

How do you plan to move to the USA?


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